A Superhero for Generation Why

On March 20, 2023, Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) collaborated with Augustana College to promote the event Titled: A Superhero for Generation Why, featuring, G. Willow Wilson, an award winning American comics writer, most well-known for relaunching the Ms. Marvel title for Marvel Comics starring a 16-year-old Muslim superhero named Kamala Khan now a TV series on Disney+. Her best-known written works include the novels Alif the Unseen and The Bird King, as well as her memoir of converting to Islam entitled The Butterfly Mosque.


The event was held  at the Camrose Augustana Campus. Geared toward  Junior high and High school students (Grades 6-12), it offered a unique opportunity to hear from Wilson about creating the series and her other writing work, as well as learning more about how her work aims to capture the feelings and experiences of a particular generation of Muslims in the West and learn about the importance of representation, literature and pop culture in Muslim life, as well as having deeper conversations about identity and social justice with this esteemed writer and artist.