Our Mission


Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities will unite the voice of Muslim communities of Edmonton, ECMC works to protect, promote and enhance the understanding of Islam and Muslims in matters of public policy, education, peace and safety.


Edmonton a Muslim-friendly community where citizens and  systems build trusting relationships with fellow Muslim Edmontonians.

Shared Values

  • Humility, integrity, respect and striving towards unity
  • Recognize, honour and value diversity (racial, cultural, and linguistic, etc.)
  • Fairness, transparency and openness in communication
  • Focus on what unites us, not what divides us
  • Respect for the autonomy of individual member institutions.

 Our Strategic Goals

  1. Promote constructive and effective participation of Muslims in public policy development and issues of civil society including countering any negative trends towards Islamophobia at the institutional, civic, provincial and national levels.
  2. Establish effective, timely and ongoing process of communication with the public media, particularly in addressing the current misperceptions of Islam and Muslims.
  3. Develop and support effective means to convey the ideals of Islam and contributions of Muslim civilizations within various segments of the society, through schools, institutions of higher learning and other avenues.
  4. Establish effective communication with the law enforcement agencies and other public institutions to build mutual trust and confidence in matters of public safety and the safety of our own communities.
  5. Establish inter-faith communication with non-Muslims, to promote and enhance mutual understanding among all Canadians.
  6. Build and sustain an infrastructure that is effective in identifying and addressing common issues that affect the Muslim communities in Edmonton, in keeping with the Council’s Mission.
  7. Establish periodic and appropriate communication with member institutions, to gain and sustain their confidence and support.
  8. Establish appropriate processes to periodically review and assess the Council’s effectiveness, in relation to their mission and strategic goals.